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This is the inside of a cluster bomb. It indiscriminately kills over a wide area (reportedly the size of a football field) and unexploded ordinance continues to kill and maim long after the bomb is initially dropped. Because of the unacceptable civilian casualties they cause, cluster munitions are banned by over 100 nations, and use is considered to be a war crime. But for the US it is business as usual. Not only does it sell to tyrannical regimes such as Saudi Arabia, but actually approves usage even after documentation of usage in civilian area. Shameful!

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Zerohedge: US Approves Saudi Use Of Banned Cluster Bombs (But Only If They're Extra Careful)

Following a report on Sunday, where Human Rights Watch said video and photographic evidence showed that Saudi Arabia used cluster bombs near villages in Yemen's Saada Province at least two separate times, the US State Department said it is "looking into" the allegations but, as Foreign Policy reports, said the notoriously imprecise weapon - banned by much of the world - could still have an appropriate role to play in Riyadh's U.S.-backed offensive (as long as it was used carefully).
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Metta Ben 7 years ago from Diaspora

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Thank the consistently excellent Matt Taibbi for keeping his eye on the ball. While most of the blogosphere asks about Bradley Manning's character, he reminds us that that we're talking about killing civilians and journalists and children, and the public's right to know, and factoids like "he was singing along to lady Gaga while he downloaded information" are completely irrelevant to the families who lost loved ones.

The also awesome Chris Hedges is also eminently worth reading on the subject. "Manning, in a just society, would be a prosecution witness against war criminals. Those who committed these crimes should be facing prison. But we do not live in a just society."

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Michael Nabert 9 years ago from Diaspora
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