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The Broader View: The Positive Effects of Negative Nominal Interest Rates


Are there limits to the use of negative policy rates?
The use of negative policy rates may have its limits—both in terms of the extent to which central banks can set rates at negative levels and the length of time they can remain negative. Individuals and corporates could substantially increase the use of cash as a store of value—and even as a means of payment—if rates are expected to be substantially negative and for a long time. Indeed, so could banks: instead of working balances held at the central bank to cover interbank transactions, banks could hold vault cash for settlement between each other.
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iMFdirect - The IMF Blog: The Broader View: The Positive Effects of Negative Nominal Interest Rates (iMFdirect)

By Jose Viñals, Simon Gray, and Kelly Eckhold Versions in: عربي (Arabic), Deutsch (German), 日本語 (Japanese), and Español (Spanish) We support the introduction of negative policy rates by some centra…
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