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The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

I was well aware of Aaron long before the news broke of his untimely death. When I heard the news, I happened to be surrounded by dozens of people who knew Aaron personally. Through their stories it became immediately clear how many diverse corners of the internet Aaron's work touched. A few days into the conference I started recording people’s memories of him on camera, and weeks later I knew I had to go deeper to fully understand what caused such an accomplished and inspired person to take his own life. As became obvious in "We Are Legion" many internet activists are so frustrated with existing systems that they consider them unfixable. But Aaron didn’t fit into this category. Countless friends describe him as someone who wanted to work within the system, to “hack” or use new tools to fix problems in our society – everything from internet freedoms to health care. His story is a poignant chronology of internet history, and forces us to take a hard look at how we understand access to information moving forward.

~ Brian Knappenberger

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The Internet's Own Boy

The Story of Aaron Swartz
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