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Join #P2P free #money system based on Universal DIvidend for members :

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skanda42 5 years ago

Join #P2P free #money system based on Universal DIvidend for members :

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Researchers at ESET say that malware designed to steal the content of OS X’s keychain and maintain a permanent backdoor was found in a recent build of open source torrent client Transmission. Following an investigation, the Transmission team say they were subjected to an attack on their servers. Steps have been taken to ensure greater security in the future.
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Birne Helene 5 years ago from Diaspora

Blockchain technology could enable next-generation, peer-to-peer energy microgrids.

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Blockchain Technology Could Enable Next-Generation, Peer-To-Peer Energy Microgrids

An experimental energy microgrid in Brooklyn, New York, shows how energy- generating homes can become part of a peer-to-peer electricity...
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Icavot 6 years ago from Diaspora

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Real-time updated, P2P websites using Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network

Peer-to-Peer Your content distributed directly to other visitors without any central server.

Uncensored It's nowhere because it's everywhere! No hosting costs Sites are served by visitors. Always accessible No single point of failure.

Simple No configuration needed: Download, unpack and start using it.

.bit domains Decentralized domains using Namecoin cryptocurrency.

No passwords Your account is protected by same cryptography as your Bitcoin wallet. Fast Page response time is not limited by your connection speed.

Dynamic content Real-time updated, multi-user websites.

Works everywhere Supports any modern browser on Windows, Linux or Mac platforms. Anonymity You can easily hide your IP address using the Tor network.

Offline Browse the sites you're seeding even if your internet connection is down.

Open Source Developed by the community for the community

#ZeroNET #OpenSource #P2P #Websites #BitTorrent #Network #Uncensored #Anonymity #Community
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Chiwy M.F.T. 6 years ago from Diaspora

Hello ZeroNet_

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Why P2P Software Is So Important ?

" #Decentralization is the idea of the #internet! Each computer, each node is - or last should be - equal. This ist the Basic idea of independence, full control over your data and no control through others. Sharing this data makes it even more robust against #censorship, failures and #takedown. To establish such a net of #freedom we need more and better decentralized software. I think #ZeroNet could be another building block of that idea of a free internet! #freedata "

To comment on blogs and rate comments, create your ZeroId

ZeroNet :
  • We believe in #open, #free, and #uncensored network and communication.
  • No single point of failure, Always accessible : Site remains online so long as at least 1 peer serving it.
  • No #hosting costs : Sites are served by visitors.
  • Impossible to shut down, #Uncensored : It’s nowhere because it’s everywhere.
  • Fast and works offline : You can access the site even if your internet is unavailable.



twitter. com/HelloZeroNet/status/640290414998777860

The DomainNameSystem > Namecoin :

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unnamed 6 years ago from Diaspora

You need never use a bank again. Here's why - TheGuardian

Dissatisfaction with the banking sector over the last decade has led to numerous calls for the industry to change. Last month, the governor of the Bank of England spoke of how the UK financial sector bears the scars of a market gone wrong, while others have highlighted how the oligopoly of our big five UK banks are not only too big to fail and too big to jail, but simply too big to compete and unable to serve customers needs.
#Anarchism #P2P #Banking #Bitcoin #LocalMoney #CreditUnions #Bartercard

You need never use a bank again. Here's why

The emergence of peer-to-peer lending, fintech and new forms of currencies mean people and businesses can act on their dissatisfaction with the big banks
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Agorist Report 7 years ago from Diaspora

Post-Capitalism: Rise of the Collaborative Commons

As the disruptive capacities of technological innovations continue to advance at an exponential rate, it is increasingly clear that the capitalist economic model is unable to effectively manage resources and distribute wealth under the conditions of sustainable abundance now being brought forth. Vast increases in productivity and efficiency will be realized in the years ahead through an integrated network of smart-products (termed the Internet of Things, or IoT), accessible renewable energy harvesting technologies, energy sharing across a distributed smart-grid, the decentralization of manufacturing through 3D printing, open online education, the decentralization of finance, legal contracts and governance through Blockchain applications, and the progressive automation of the workforce.

Just as John Maynard Keynes prophesized nearly a century ago, “a point may soon be reached, much sooner perhaps than we are all of us aware of, when these [economic]needs are satisfied in the sense that we prefer to devote our further energies to non-economic purposes.” [1]Keynes foresaw such an economic state of abundance coming about through, what he first termed, technological unemployment which, he stated, “ [we]will hear a great deal in the years to come;” the ultimate implication being “that mankind is solving its economic problem.” [2]Keynes looked expectantly to a future in which machines had progressed to the point of providing an abundance of freely available goods and services to humanity — liberating people around the world from menial labor, debt and servitude for the first time.

Ironically, the operating principles of the capitalist marketplace are bringing us ever closer to this very state, while simultaneously the relevance of the competitive market is progressively undermined by the same emerging paradigm. Capitalist logic dictates that the entrepreneurial spirit of a competitive market will continually drive productivity increases and marginal cost decreases. Marginal cost — the cost of producing additional units of product — is the focus, as this is where entrepreneurs and businesses make their profits in a market-exchange economy (at the margin); and when marginal cost approaches zero, so too does profit. The effects of near zero marginal cost can already be seen wreaking havoc across several media industries such as entertainment, communications and publishing, as more and more content continues to be shared and made freely available across digital, collaborative networks.

#creative #commons #InternetOfThings #IoT #PeerProduction #CommonsProduction #CollaborativeCommons #AntiCapitalism #capitalism #socialism #PostScarcity #cyrptocurrency #SmartContract #Ethereum #Thelonious #blockchain #p2p #SolidarityEconomy #SocialEconomy
The Revolution will not be Centralized
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Chris McAllister 7 years ago from Diaspora
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