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Open Building Institute - Open source effort to make affordable eco-housing widely accessible - website - kickstarter #opensourceecology #ose #diy #openhardware #opensource #housing #sustainability #naturalbuilding #architecture

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OBI is an open source initiative to make eco-housing accessible to everyone.
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Julien Guigner 4 years ago from Diaspora

Open Source Hardware Development Method.

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Open Source Ecology: Open Source Hardware Development Method (Marcin)

We are working on a methodology for accelerating open source hardware development, and we are calling out open hardware practitioners to collaborate: (note: you can re-edit the video above to help us improve it by downloading the image/voice assets and using PowToon software) To increase our effectiveness in open hardware development, we are creating an Open Source Ecology Working Team on development workflows and standards.
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Icavot 6 years ago from Diaspora
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