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Real-time updated, P2P websites using Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network

Peer-to-Peer Your content distributed directly to other visitors without any central server.

Uncensored It's nowhere because it's everywhere! No hosting costs Sites are served by visitors. Always accessible No single point of failure.

Simple No configuration needed: Download, unpack and start using it.

.bit domains Decentralized domains using Namecoin cryptocurrency.

No passwords Your account is protected by same cryptography as your Bitcoin wallet. Fast Page response time is not limited by your connection speed.

Dynamic content Real-time updated, multi-user websites.

Works everywhere Supports any modern browser on Windows, Linux or Mac platforms. Anonymity You can easily hide your IP address using the Tor network.

Offline Browse the sites you're seeding even if your internet connection is down.

Open Source Developed by the community for the community

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Chiwy M.F.T. 6 years ago from Diaspora
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