Happy Birthday #ilyaz!

"Our baby step is we want to move people from websites that are not healthy to websites that are more healthy, because they’re transparent. Even though a nontechnical person may not understand it, they’ll know there’s a community that has said, this is okay."

"No longer will you be at the whims of those large corporate networks who want to tell you that sharing and privacy are mutually exclusive."

"There’s something deeper than making money off stuff. Being a part of creating stuff for the universe is awesome."

"This is exactly what I want to be doing. Proactively working on creating privacy-respecting ecosystem for innovation."

"I feel like we've already succeeded in that we've brought awareness to the fact that there could be other ways of communicating on the Internet. We've brought diaspora* into the world."

"Change comes from hard work and from doing things. Not just talking about the way the world should be."

"I definitely jump out of bed and rush to work super excited to code every day."

"We want to encourage people to share, giving them a platform that where being public is not the default position and people opt in not opt out."

"On diaspora* itself, there’s no money to be made. But an open platform is good for anybody."

"Being young and immersed in social media space we thought, 'Hmmm, wouldn't it be fun to try and build a sort of infrastructure and rethink it."

"It was phenomenal to think that that many people wanted the underlying structure of social networks to change."

Ilya Zhitomirskiy

October 12, 1989 – November 12, 2011



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