#russian #students demand to #judge Barack #obama for his #crimes Appeal to the United Nations
skanda42 5 years ago
Cold War style. But this time, it's Oil Capitalism vs Cash Capitalism
Patient13 5 years ago
Oh. In the same time, Russia is pulling out of the International Criminal Court. So, they demand to judge Obama, even though they quit the only Court able to judge him
USA refused to join the International Criminal Court to allow themselves to bomb the whole world, Russia do the same now her army is anew operational. Capitalists fightning for the leadership, and you want i choice a camp?
Patient13 5 years ago
Do they also demand to judge Vladimir Putin? What about Bashar Hafez al-Assad? What about Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud?
David 5 years ago
demand that amerikkrap/nato answer for war crimes and genocide by supporting the butchering nazi-maidan.
goth1856 5 years ago