The rest of the world must stop embarrassing the U.S. oligarchy - it's an act of aggression!
skanda42 5 years ago
Hang on now -- where is China in there?
prep 5 years ago
funny, china doesnt exist, northcorea, doesnt exist, iran, doesnt exist, venezuela doesnt exist?
murdeRED dreams 5 years ago
You don't get the irony that you need China or North Korea to make the USA look good......
harry haller 5 years ago
c'mon guys, you're on the internet: north korea seems to have about the same estimated rate as USA, venezuela 159, Iran 287, china estimated to 100/200
Seychelles has the highest with 799
harry haller 5 years ago
oh, harry is spreading false "informations"? 0o the point is NOT to let the us-prison system look good, the point is, there is no need to lie to prove that the us justice&prson system is a desaster
murdeRED dreams 5 years ago
which lie ? you really think not putting seychelles and its 100.000 inhabitants on this map can be qualified as a lie ?? a bit awkward indeed, I tend to join harry on that one: does it hurt so bad to realize that usa is not so brilliant or what ?
if you claim, that the usa has the highest (superlative) rate and the seychelles and north corea have a higher rate, how would you call that? strechtching the truth like a trump? btw cuba, ruanda, thailand and turkmenistan have pretty high rates too why dont you call it "the highest rate of western countries" or "democratic states"? and itz not about "the usa are brilliant", they arent, special when itz about the topic of racism and prison industry, but spreading false information is not helping the emancipation, critizism or analyse
murdeRED dreams 5 years ago
can anyone explain, in which world the sentence "the us justice&prison system is a desaster" means "the usa is brilliant"?
murdeRED dreams 5 years ago
thanks, according to skanda, the usa have the absolute highest rate, so the superlative is legitim, but for a visual graphic, it makes sense to take other states with high rate in the context, if not, the graphic allways looks biased and i still dont understand how “the us justice&prison system is a desaster” could mean “the usa is brilliant”
murdeRED dreams 5 years ago
You can't really compare the US with other countries that easily: In the US there are a lot more Blacks and Hispanics, that drive crime figures up compared to Whites. That's why in most African countries (like South Africa) most thieves and rapists don't even get locked up anymore.
Theaitetos 5 years ago
I'm not sure there would be such a debate if someone claimed "[Some Eastern country] is the world's leading jailer" even if it was false. Besides, it's a well known fact that US don't respect human rights...
HgO 5 years ago
Besides, it’s a well known fact that US don’t respect human rights…


Forward a link to that well known fact please.
prep 5 years ago
I certainly do not think the US is perfect.
Or even on the right path.
Well, now we may be, with #Trump (read before freaking)

My point above is that it was dis-ingenious (and a leading argument) to leave out the other big players; not to mention that there is a country with an even higher percentage. (Save the song and dance about their population size).

It is dramatically here. Just compare prison rates in Indianapolis versus Chicago (two close, but racially different cities).

That is not to say that we do not have a problem with privatizing prisons -- which leads to jail-to-profit.
prep 5 years ago
so new title for this meme: I do not think US is perfect you know, but Seychelles is first, and a few small dictature regime are (probably) on the same order of magnitude, so all in all it's not so much a problem youknow. Ho and if it is, it's a racial problem, for sure
itz a racism problem, and that "perfect usa" is a stupid straw man, but if you need that

@thea, your a fucking racist, i would really like to meet you in the streets :-*
murdeRED dreams 5 years ago
I need a coffee above all other things. I don't think racism is the whole picture, that's kind of the negative (like in negative film) option w.r.t. our racialist commenters here (you 2 guys have a proposition to modelize: you state that up to a given proportion of black people, prison rate grows with their numbers, then reach a maximum, and then decrease steadily, I would be curious to see a model. And by the way: Make Seychelles Great Again :P). I would actually be interested to see a list with prisoners per 100.000 and per $ of PIB, that does not tell the origin of such a high rate but it would be a still more pertinent tracer w.r.t. its systemic aspect.
our racialist commenters


Using "Racist" as soon as someone points out something obvious that offends your beliefs.

I trust that you have spent 12 years working in inner-city areas - HELPING THE POOR -- as I have; and had to experience what is really going on in there.

Might as well call me a bunch of -ist things right now; so that you can feel all warm and cozy.


prep 5 years ago
12 years working in inner-city
Multiple cities, by the way…
prep 5 years ago
I said racialist, is that an insult ?

If you consider it as an insult, watch the definition: you're in a paradox.
I would caution against -ist anything -- it has a tone now, driven by the Social Justice Warriors.

I immediately throw-out any arguments now that begin with 'Racist' (sic).

In any event -- I have been IN the cities. I know what is brewing in there. And it is not moral, or good. The bulk of the violent crime here (even weighted, per capita) occurs in the cities; and whites are forced to flee. That's also where a lot of that 'Prison population' comes from, by the by.

I am highly curious if you (can listen to this all of the way through) and comment upon it.
prep 5 years ago
prep 5 years ago
can't watch right now but I insist: I said racialist (so no (sic) here), if you have a precision on how this term is commonly interpreted, I will be happy you explain that to me, english/american is not my first language. Ans I'm definitely not what you call a SJW if I finally understood that word well, unfortunately for trump's follower, not every leftists are dumb, some are still looking for some sort of discussion and coherency.