Trump Requests Additional $56 Billion For Military Budget"Social Security is a drain on our economy."

Trump Tours Navy's New $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier"Medicare and Medicaid must be cut."

Cost Of Trump's Southern Border Wall To Exceed $15 Billion"Future generations can expect to receive lower Social Security retirement benefits."

Trump Calls For Congress To Allocate $30 Billion To Expand US Nuclear Arsenal"Obamacare will bankrupt our nation."

Trump's Military Budget Proposal Largest In U.S. History
"Our country cannot afford socialized medicine."


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skanda42 5 years ago
Lol, Obamacare costs more than that just to do the annual enrollments.
Dusk 5 years ago
Obamacare cost a total of $110 billion in 2016. Trumps military budget alone is projected to cost a little over $157 billion. But we digress. Given the choice of funding more bullets and bombs or providing for our elderly and sick, I’ll choose the latter. Otherwise, we’re just another failed nation state unable or unwilling to address any legitimate nation’s number one responsibility - the well-being of its citizens. Besides, we already have enough nukes to vaporize the world several times over and our current military budget is the largest in the world by a factor of 10. Lastly, if you insist on spewing your ignorant right-wing bullshit, at least do your homework beforehand.
Arturo Bandini 5 years ago
That budget buys the support of the military at home during the times that are ahead.

You keep thinking short term. Those of us with eyes to see will keep saving your ass by thinking long term.
Dusk 5 years ago
You can spin it as you prefer, but your original assertion was flatly incorrect and we're not proceeding from there. This weak debating tactic typically used by trolls such as yourself (throw out an incorrect, easily disproved, half-assed statement, then start spinning hard and fast) is indicative of someone only interested in sowing discord for discord's sake and a complete waste of time for the rest of humanity. So piss off little troll and crawl back under your keyboard.
Arturo Bandini 5 years ago