diaspora* hackathon in Paris

08/10 -> 11/10 - Mozilla Office

The date is fixed but we still have to organize everything, please join the discussion on loomio or answer here if you want to help / attend. Everyone is welcome, this is not only about coding but also to discuss about the project and the community. Come join us!

Use #diasporaHackathon2015 to talk about the event.

#diaspora #diasporameetup #meetup #mozilla

diaspora* hackathon at the Mozilla Paris office

*This message will be regularly updated*


A meetup to hack on diaspora* and discuss about the project and its community


Because to meet and work IRL is so much fun.


[The Mozilla Paris office](https://wiki.mozilla.org/Paris)
16 Bis Boulevard Montmartre
75009 Paris, France


From Thursday, the 8th of October 2015, to Sunday, the 11th of October ([old pool](https://framadate.org/3rzr4fnp6y9fmjwf))


Fla, Augier, Steffen, Lukas, Jason

**Please tell us here if you plan to attend.**

Hi everybody.

I have a good news, two mozilla employees are okay to help us organize and host a diaspora* event at the mozilla Paris office. We will have a working space with internet connection, and all we need to work.

We talked about a four days event, as people are coming from quite far away the trip has to be worth the cost.

About the accomodation I propose to ask the lovely diaspora* community for places to stay by night (hotels are **very** expensive in Paris).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Fla 5 years ago from Diaspora