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Israel has stolen over 80% of Palestinian land since the British brought it into existence in 1948. The atrocities the Israelis have committed in Palestine is genocide.
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Israel and the Jews have been the misery of the world since they mangled Mesopotamian religion.
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the larger crime is that "the world" encourages them.
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The opening sugiot of this Gemarah learns from the middah of אמת. Crystal clarity with whom to cut a bris with and with whom not to cut a bris alliance with. This middah all middot enter and leave through its Gate. חנון the Will of Sarah to drive out the bond woman, that her son would not inherit the bris faith. Avraham gave the children of Hagar gifts, he did not acquire her nefesh o'lam ha'bah soul in the act of קידושין. Yitzak alone inherited the bris faith, as the Akadah definitively proved. This middah of אמת lives from generation to generation - its the yoke placed upon parents, do they pass the bris inheritance to their children before they die?

What common denomination joins Nidda, Challa, and Candles? The B'hag learned Candles as a mitzva from the Torah! Shabbots lights teach what mussar נמשל? Nidda and Challa connect through the connection of t'ruma and tohor. דמי נדה, requires a distinction equal to Challa. Candles shares this same foundation that it distinguishes how Israel sanctifies shabbot through the dedication not to do acts of m'lacha. Additionally, the three mitzvot center the pillar of the woman to pass the bris faith from generation to the next and next. Daughters remember their mothers' shabbat lights, on par with how stringent the koshrut of the kitchen and tohorat ha'biet - mikvah.

The din of כרת, learns premature death from this Mishna. Cutting the bris faith, most essentially entails the dedication of ones' most precious soul. The soul of bris man - the life of his generations as the stars of the sky. The Torah sometimes spells heart as לבב [as the sands upon the shore], to inspire bris Man to remember the oath which our father Avraham commanded his seed, and the mussar rebuke which HaShem declared: know that your seed shall suffer g'lut. All comes from heaven except fear of heaven. The dedication of causing the Name of our God to rest within our hearts and souls upon this foundation do these 3 commandments stand together.

Rabbi Yechuda HaNasi learned לבב as the 2 Yatzirot within Man. Man has a born potential, do the children strive to achieve this potential? When the heart and soul fail to work together, bris Man goes into g'lut. This משל applies to the relationship between Man and Wife as it also applies to Government and the People. In the latter case, when the Government views its People with suspicion on par with stranger alien peoples, such a society by definition has no political stability. If a Man excludes his Wife from major decisions which effect the house, likewise that marriage lacks harmony.

Building a stable platform by which to pass faith from generation to generation, the ideal, that partners in faith build the dignity of their significant other. The bris of peace between a Man and Wife: the oath commitment not to do acts of theft, oppression or ערוה. Nidda ... ערוה; challa ... theft; candles ... oppression. This משל\נמשל defrines, by this learning, how the B'hag ruled that lighting the lights of Shabbat shines as a mitzva דאורייתא.

A child who watches her mother light Shabbat candles views the hightest dignity of her mother in Torah faith. Small children, they observe the little things, cause they have no power to make independent decisions. They notice, if their mother separates challa. They distinguish when father takes something directly from Mothers' hand with a distinct look of delight. Fear of Heaven its a subtle concept; it learns from the prohibition of meat and milk... the dedication not to destroy the Good Name of others.

Sotah contrasts with Nazir, the two opposing concepts - they clearly distinguish between a tohor vs. a tumah bris relationship.

דתנן סוטה: אומר לה בפני שנים, אל תדברי עם איש פלוני, ודברה עמו: עדיין היא מותרת לביתה ומותרת לאכול בתרומה. נכנסה עמו לבית הסתר ושהתה עמו כדי טומאה, אסורה לביתה ואסורה לאכול בתרומה.

The middah of נצר חסד לאלפים stands in harsh contrast to the middah of אמת. This middah has a reputation known as "the small head". Shallow reactionaries whose emotions explode based upon little or no evidence. The false messiah disaster brought on by Shabbetai Zevi. This villian disparaged the Torah, taught halachic ritual observance having no Talmudic foundation, he belittled tohorat ha'biet, profaned the Divine Name by speaking it as if the Name existed as a word. When the news of the massacres of the Jews in Poland reached Turkey, Jews mourned and descended into an emotional stage of depression.

Zevi travelled to Gaza in search of a cure for his strange bi-polar behavior. There he engaged with a spiritual opportunist named Nathan; tumah spirits possess great power. What distinguishes between avodat HaShem from avodah zarah? Say not that the Gods whom the Goyim worship have no power and exist only as sticks and stones.

בראשית א:כז - ויברא אלהים את האדם בצלמו, בצלם אלהים ברא אתו זכר ונקבה ברא אתם.

As HaShem created man from nothing, Man who believes in his Gods breaths life into these Gods giving them a soul. Human belief in Gods, causes those Gods live as part of Human consciousness! This spiritual distinctions separates tohor spirits from tumah spirits. The middah of נצר חסד לאלפים, the small irrational brain clings to tumah spirits by choice.

Cohonim dedicate tohor spirits in the Name of Avodat HaShem; they blow - as the mitzva of Shofar teaches - tohor dedicated Spirits when calling upon the Name. Angels transport these tohor Spirits before bris Man. Mitzvot serve as the toldoth of the oath bris sworn at the bris between the pieces. When bris Man causes the Name to dwell as a dedicated eternal inheritance - then bris Man commits to pass this faith unto his children. Bris Man possesses the power to send tohor spirits to build and strengthen the hearts and souls of his house and People. This avodah defines רב חסד and attempts to separate oaths from personal beliefs.

Avodah zarah by contrast stands upon impassioned and irrational personal beliefs. The foolish assume that their personal beliefs defines the Gods which they worship. In point of fact - the fervent wish of believers comes true to a certain point. Inflamed passions cause normal people to become, so to speak, lemmings willing jump off cliffs. Tumah spirits, practiced through witchcraft or voodoo etc. have the power to change human nature. How? Because Men believe "wisdom" of their prophet, their inflamed beliefs breath soul - so to speak - to their Gods. Rational men who become a mob compares to grasshoppers who become a locust swarm.

In 1665 Zevi publicly declared himself the Messiah. By October of that year, reports of “the messiah” and news of miracles and visions swept across Europe. Groups of emissaries were sent by Jewish communities from all parts of Europe to Turkey to pay homage to the one many were calling “our king.” In September of 1666, Zevi was summoned by the Sultan to Constantinople, where he was given the choice of execution or conversion to Islam. Zevi chose conversion. The effect of his conversion to Islam - utterly humiliated g'lut Jewry. Many Jewish communities became disillusioned, and Reform Judaism arose.

The esoteric tradition, commonly called kabbalah, requires getting past the forms of halachic faith and delving into the mussar which halacha dedicates to HaShem. The Prophets of the NaCH teach mussar, its how they learned the Torah. Tohor middot development serves as the refined essense of mussar study. How does a man rebuke his neighbor? A Torah rebuke teaches mussar. A man who learns halacha but not mussar compares to a person who has the key to the house but can not enter the locked gate of the court yard.

Avodat HaShem most essentially entails knowledge of the 13 middot. Bris Man can not develop fear of heaven without dedicating and maturing his middot. But how can a man accomplish this if he never studies the Torah with the dedication to learn and define tohor middot? The small brain, limits tumah as applicable only to physical reality. As the small brain limits the prohibition to meat and milk, mention 3 separate times in the Torah, to only a physical prohibition.

The line by line small brain does not delve to understand the mussar נמשל of the commandments. As avodah zarah limits the Gods to what Man personally believes, Jesus son of Zeus physically lived, so too the do not do middah of נצר חסד לאלפים. It seems to me that its through the do not do tohor middot by which a Man attains clarity of how he seeks to dedicate his walk before HaShem.

דתנן תענית פרק שלישי: היו מתענין וירדו להם גשמים קודם הנץ החמה - לא ישלימו... מעשה שגזרו תענית בלוד וירדו להם גשמים קודם חצות וכו'.

The small brain learns this Mishna to the halachot of fasting. Mussar teaches a man how to behave during duress. When a man loses his "way" and all who surround him do not behave as men, does the man join the mob? Imperialism qualifies as a face of avodah zarah. A modern day blood libel coming from Europe: the Jews occupy stolen Palestinian land. Passions quickly get whipped up into a frenzy: "the Jews poisoned the wells". Mobs lack the capacity to ask: what defines the borders of Palestine? Since when do foreigners decide the name of the Jewish homelands? What nation permits foreign States to unilaterly determine the international borders of a country?

The inference learned from our Mishna, war cause Man in the strength of his youth to die. What causes war? Gods war spiritually and consequently, Man makes war physically. The Gods will that Israel worship them as do the Goyim. When Israel worships the Gods, our people go into g'lut. Therefore, at the bris of Gilgal, Israel swore, the tefillen oath to call upon the King to wage war against the Gods whom the Goyim worship; we break down their altars, burn their Churches and Mosques, and cast their graveyards into the ocean, as the Israeli strategic response to terrorism done by stateless Arab refugees living as despised Na'cre'im within the borders of the Jewish Republic. The British imperialist barbarians reacted to terrorism by destroying the homes of terrorists. The British imperialist, like Communists, have no soul. Israel calls upon our God to war against the Gods whom the Goyim worship - this defines the foreign policy of the Jewish State, of conducting war to victory.

The human soul, what משל describes life? Human society develops unique culture and customs which separates one community of Man from another. Its this cultural investment unto accepted custom and practice which distinguishes and defines Humanity. As such its precisely the identity developed which tradition shapes as a "knesset soul"; a kind of "ethical containment force" which gives identity as a People unto Man. If war comes from a conflict between the Gods, then victory in war occurs when Man shatters the "knesset soul"/"ethical containment force" of the enemy. In the days of Moshe, the spies broke faith with the oath to obey the commandments of Moshe the Prophet, Israel lost all strength to stand before our enemies in war.

The middah of אל, the third middah: does Israel accept the pangs of Moshiach? Moshiach breaths the collective soul of Klall Israel, king David did not live for Israel to worship him as some kind of Cult of personality. Moshiach commands the Angel of Death to attack the Gods worshipped by the Goyim. Crush and up root the places wherein Goyim worship their Gods, why? Victory in war requires that Israel shatter the "knesset soul"/"the ethical containment force" of the Goyim. יהושע ה:כ - ויפנו אנשי העי אחריהם ויראו והנה עלה עשן העיר השמימה ולא היה בהם ידים לנוס וכו'. שופטים כ:מ - ויפן בנימן אחריו והנה עלה כליל העיר השמימה וכו'.

These two instances teach how to conduct war to victory. What essential weakness defines the Goyim. The Goyim worship avodah zarah. Tefillen testify through the dedication of the bris of Gilgal and Sh'Cem that the anointed Cohen directs Israel to first strike and destroy the places where the Goyim worship their Gods. Avodah zarah limits the Gods to physical reality. Avodat HaShem sends Angels to transport tohor middot. The middah of אמת commands אדוני, the Angel of Death, to attack the Gods whom the Goyim worship, to shatter their knesset soul/ethical containment force.

שבת לב. שמגלגלין זכות על ידי זכאי וחובה על ידי חייב As learned previously War comes when the Courts of One Nation conflict with the Courts of another Nation. The worship of God(s) serves as the Highest Court of appeal. Therefore when Israel goes to war, understanding distinguishes between like and like. Israel separates the Gods worshipped by the Goyim from our God; we dedicate to obliterate and totally remove all places where the Goyim worship their Gods. The faith: HaShem blesses our soldiers with military success. To make war against the Gods whom the Goyim worship requires clear and distinct understanding of tohor middot. The judgment of tohor middot its how our God separates his segulah nation from the Goyim - who have no knowledge of tohor spirits employed in Avodat HaShem.

All priests of avodah zarah employ tumah. This אמת separates how the priests of Par'o worshipped the Gods of Egypt. Should Israel follow Moshe the Prophet, then irregardless of the physical power and strength of the armies of Goyim, their destruction compares to Israel viewing with awe the Egptian dead upon the Sea which Moshe split. Mussar does not teach history but rather spirituality.

סנהדרין ז. אמ''ת ממו''ן ירא''ה סימן

The Courts of Goyim weigh upon physical wealth. Imperialist powers make war to enslave and steal natural resources. Imperialism defines a face of avodah zarah. Nation States employ propaganda as their weapon of tumah by which they seek to degrade and humiliate a nation in the eyes of their own people and the world. When the Western Capitals embrace Arab slander and call Israel an Apartheid Nazi State this witch craft requires a counter response. Post Shoah Jewry must never again ignore the tumah Warlock Ministers of State who employ demons which transport tumah spirits of death: lies slander character assassination and evil eye.

War most essentially entails the wisdom of deploying Spirits. The wisdom of Israel mobilized tohor spirits and the enemies of Israel employ tumah spirits. ותנן בבא בתרא: פרק שמיני: והיה בכור נוטל ב' חלקים Spiritually the people Segulah have a double portion which makes us greater than all Goyim - our peers. Its the exercised demonstration of tohor spirits in war which determines whether Israel prevails over our enemies or falls before their feet. The mussar of the Prophets continually warns that Israel has no predominance of righteousness over the Goyim. Its the measure of the leaders of our Nation to command the removal of all avodah zarah prior to engaging the enemy as Yaacov commanded his household. If a man could acquire wisdom easily and cheaply, fools would become wise.

In this context Yom Kippor judges the life and death of bris Man. Yom Kippor makes atonement for the up coming war. The sealing of the Din, does Israel call unto Elohim to assist Israel to obliterate the foreign Gods from upon our lands as the basis by which we conduct war against our enemies? What caused the Syrian Army to stop after breaking through the Golani brigade defences? A spirit of fear, entered the souls of their leaders and paralyzed them. The small brain limits this "fear" strictly and only to physical empirical evidence. But war entails much more than tactics and weapons.

Medicine understands that microbes cause disease. Spiritual wisdom too understands that tohor Spirits compares to micro organisms which the naked eye does not see. תוספתא יומא פ''ד:יא. כל המזכה את הרבים, אין מספיקין בידו לעבור עבירה, שלא יהו תלמידיו נוחלין את העולם והוא יורד לשאול, שנאמר חי לא תעזוב נפשי לשאול. The nation follows after our leaders. War most essentially entails the risk of defeat. The Arabs in 1948 and 1967 assumed victory prior to the war - and they lost. Prior to the Yom Kippor War Israeli leaders disdained the capabilities of the Arabs to fight war. The haughty arrogance of despising the capabilities and Will of the enemy sets the trap for total disaster. America has confronted far inferior forces in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and suffered humiliating defeats. War draws from the best resources Man possesses in his power to employ. God forbid, that Israeli leadership poo poos the Torah inheritance of our people who have lived and died in our walk before HaShem.

הלכות רוצח ושמירת נפש פרק יב: ו, תשובה פרק א:א

ו. וכן לא ינעוץ הסכין בתוך האתרוג או בתוך הצנון--שמא ייפול אדם על חודה, וימות. וכן אסור לאדם לעבור תחת קיר נטוי, או על גשר רעוע, או להיכנס לחורבה; וכן כל כיוצא באלו משאר הסכנות, אסור לעמוד במקומן.

Halacha takes on a whole new dimension when learned in context of mussar. When a man dedicates a korban what defines the mitzva? The Soul which he dedicates to HaShem or the Bar BQ to heaven wherein the fire makes the meat fit to eat? Korbanot exist as witness that Cohonim dedicate tohor spirits in the Name of HaShem. A Sanhedrin in one of the 6 Cities of Refuge: if a Cohen accepted a bribe permitting a murderer refuge from the blood avenger, then made a public korban that he accept no bribes, Heaven would ignore his arrogance? The sons of Eli assumed that they could do Avodat HaShem in tumah. These wicked men, whose actions caused Israel to suffer defeat in war, does their lack of faith cause them to merit a place in the world to come? A nations leaders directly compare to the baal of a woman. If that woman suffers violence and public humiliation from her spouse, do his children keep the Torah?

The משל of Job opposed by wise men teaches the נמשל of the horrors of war and the Will to prevail over ones' enemies. Goyim possess great and powerful wisdom, they too can employ demons to transport their tumah spirits by which they hope to crush the will of Israel to stand before them. The Will of the Gods: that Israel like the Goyim worships and believes in them. War requires that Israel calls upon the council of all our generations to reveal the wisdom how to prevail over our enemies. Israel can not crush the Will of the enemy to continue the fight if we fail to attack and destroy their Gods. Physical conflict comes as the consequence of Spiritual warfare. The middah of אמת a person possesses a clear vision of 2 possible paths wherein he chooses to walk. It seems to me that a וידוי דאורייתא entails a Man dedicating the walk of life wherein he walks before HaShem. Job, for example, during bitter times he did not break faith with the dedication of how he walked before God. The "wise men" sought to pursuade Job that by the wisdom of their Gods, Heaven demanded that he admit that he had broken faith with the dedication of his Soul to God.

א. כל המצוות שבתורה, בין עשה בין לא תעשה--אם עבר אדם על אחת מהן, בין בזדון בין בשגגה--כשיעשה תשובה וישוב מחטאו, חייב להתוודות לפני האל ברוך הוא: שנאמר "איש או אישה כי יעשו מכל חטאת האדם . . . והתוודו, את חטאתם אשר עשו" (במדבר ה), זה וידוי דברים. ווידוי זה מצות עשה.
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Gemarah of Shabbot page 32 which has the numerical value of "HEART".

The kabbalah of these two small sugiot addresses high spirituality and low anti-spirituality, meaning the two sugiot teach a bi-polar mussar. אמר אפילו 999 באתו מלאל לחובה ואחד לזכות ניצול וכו' Spiritual knowledge - the wisdom of sending an Angel to search out ones' path walk before HaShem. This wisdom comes from the middah of חנון the foundation upon which stands the middah of אמת. All middot tohorot enter and exit through the gate of אמת. But the foundation upon which the middah upon which אמת stands - חנון serves as its foundation.

The middah of אמת closely compares to רב חסד. The latter learns from the wanderings of Yaacov after he departed from the tents of Yitzak and Rivkah. Yaacov lacked clarity comparable to his father's weak vision. Our sages teach that he spent 14 years leaning Torah prior to obeying the commandment of his parents to go to Lavan for a wife. Rivkah never saw the face of her son again. The trauma of this 'war among brothers', which divided the house of Yitzak - aged Rivka causing her to die prematurely.

Changing ones' name changes ones' מזל. But a person who employs nick names dies a premature death, because a nick name opens the soul for tumah spirits. Why does the Torah teach that HaShem comforted Israel by calling him Yaacov when he descended to Egypt? What distinguishes between the two names? When our father 'rose up' making his return to the oath sworn lands HaShem named him Israel. By contrast when our father returned unto g'lut HaShem called him Yaacov. Upon this meeting Yaacov built and altar and dedicated a m'lach to go before him, as his guide that he would return to the oath sworn lands named Israel.

Names possess tremendous power. 'European sub human barbarians' attempt to name the lands of Israel - Palestine; Arabs attempt to deny their 'stateless refugee status' and call themselves Palestinians - a Greko-Roman-European name. Europeans and Arabs made an alliance to exterminate Jews. This nick name -lie, which these stateless Arab refugees attempt to conceal their true status. It promotes the intentional untruth that Jews stole and occupy their land. European imperialist States promote this blood libel because it serves their 'divide and conquer' hostile agenda for all countries and nations within the Middle East. The apple never falls far from the tree, when addressing the evil nature of Europeans, their jealousy and hunger for empire. Europeans have a known reputation as fiend demon possessed war criminals; the Talmud refers to them simply by the name 'Esau'. Israel opposed by Esau - diametrically opposed spiritual powers.

The next sugia leans upon the kabbalah taught from the T'NaCH. אמת contrasts רב חסד with its vision of clarity. Both middot possess the wisdom of sending forth m'lachim. The latter relies upon the signs of the bris faith, melah, tefillen, yom tov and shabbot to send forth tohor spirits - the love for just righteousness - unto the souls of the living and the souls of our children yet to be born. The former, commands אדוני, the m'lach of death, unto the enemies of Israel, to uproot and totally obliterate their name from under heaven. Israel rejected to cut a bris with Esau.

The kabbalah of משלי כב:כב - כד:יח, teaches the bi-polar contrast between the wicked and the righteous. This mussar instructs Israel to detest and abhor the abomination of sub-human evil eye greed - אמת.

קהלת א:יב - ו:יב אני קהלת הייתי מלך על ישראל בירושלם ונתתי את לבי לדרוש ולתור בחכמה על כל אשר נעשה תחת השמים הוא ענין רע נתו אלהים לבני האדם לענות בו ראיתי את כל המעשים שנעשו תחת השמש והנה הכל הבל ורעות רוח....

King Shlomo struggled with death. But his wisdom failed to discern the middah of רחום. Kohelet lost heart when confronted by death. He failed to grasp the spirituality of giving heart to his future seed; instead like Lot following the destruction of Sedom he succumbed unto depression and chose hedonism. This entire Book serves as the bi-polar commentary to אמת.

Before man there exist no less than two paths by which he can walk before HaShem. אמת exist as the power of making ones' choice. Actions have their consequences. In 1948 the Arabs chose war, together with their hope to drive the Jews into the Sea. Defeated in their war, Arabs lost all claims to any of the territories of the Jewish State.

Britain, an Arab ally, agreed to the secret Sykes-Picot treaty with the Vichi French - who joined the Nazis to elimenate Jews - and separated Trans-Jordan from their League of Nations, Balfour declaration, mandate. The moment that Churchill initiated the betrayal of Britain's Balfour obligations, beginning with the first White Paper of 1922, till that nation of scoundrels returned this mandate of imperialism back to the UN [established in 1945], and David Ben Gurion named the Jewish State by the name Israel - from that moment in time, Arab stateless refugees lost any and all claims to the lands of Israel having the Jordan river as its inter-national border. ושבתי אני ואראה את כל העשוקים אשר נעשים תחת השמש והנה דמעת העשוקים ואין להם מנחם. ומיד עשקיהם כח, ואין להם מנחם. Peace lives locally not internationally. Peace centers upon trust that ones' neighbors honor and abide by the terms of their alliance. Indians made peace treaty after peace treaty with Washington. Israel must never trust sub human European barbarians. What makes Europeans never worthy of trust? These predators roar pius declarations friendship and fraternity, but a leopard can not change his spots. The reputation of Europe and its horrid war crimes against humanity has permanently defined the character of these cruel or dishonest sub-humans.

This shrill cry, sub-human, this metaphor communicates the anger, the utter contempt of post Shoah Jewry. Over 2000 years these Europeans rejoiced and debased the dignity of the Jewish people. The continuous slander by the Church against Jews caused Europeans to either cringe in cowardise or support the Nazi Final Solution of Hitlers' brutal assassination of European Jewry. כאשר יצא מבטן אמו ערום, ישוב ללכת כשבא Fear of Heaven, master of the Good Name, its an inheritance not dependent upon anything which comes from the earth, the seas, or the heavens. Fear of Heaven bequeaths as an eternal inheritance צלם אלוהים; meaning איש האלהים. What contrasts such a man or people? עבודה זרה, meaning a person or people who practice oppression of the weak. For over 2000 years Jews lived in the midst of peoples who worshipped עבודה זרה.

Religion, human theology, breaths life into the Gods whom the sub humans worship. Israel at Sinai heard and accepted the first two commandments. We swore upon the souls of our children through the ensuing eight commandments the נעשה ונשמע oath to obey all the commandments which our Prophet commanded us to do in our dedicated walk before HaShem. On the 8th day we remove the orlah as a sign of the נעשה ונשמע oath bris cut at Sinai.

Yishmael too circumcises their children - male and female. But Yishmael never accepted the Torah at Sinai. The form of faith, meaning religion, does not align with the substance of faith; the Koran relies upon the Latin poor tanslation of bris; as if Rome made any alliance with Judea. Though the Koran employs the term "prophet" throughout, never once does the Koran attempt to define this term of rhetoric which its propaganda continuously repeats.

The mussar instruction, its not given to the non bris Goyim who never accepted the Torah oath bris at Sinai. Our Gemarah teaches מוסר לא לקחו. What mussar do our people fail to embrace from our prophets? The men of Anatot demanded from Yirmeyahu not to teach mussar in the Name of HaShem. The Reshonim scholarship focused upon p'shat but the Torah had to wait till Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, Solomon ibn Gabirol, Menachem Mendel, and Yisroel Lipkin.

Rabbi Luzzatto, known as the RaMCHaL, its clear from his writings that he understood that the Talmud stands upon the foundations of the T'NaCH. He lived in the aftermath of the Shabbatai Zvi false messiah. The Rabbanim made threats of excommunication and demanded that the RaMCHaL not teach the maggid's lessons. [direct instruction from an angel]. These "Divine lessons", the similarities between Luzzatto's writings and Zvi's, the Rabbanim perceived as to close to that dangerous and heretical mysticism which produced the Zvi disaster. A century after his death, Luzzatto was rediscovered by the mussar movement headed by Yisroel Salanter, which adopted his ethical works. The magnum opus of the RaMCHaL - Mesillat Yesharim - this mussar instruction stands upon certain mystical underpinnings. It seeks to delve into the Yatzir Ha'Rah, its desire to sin and abandon the mussar which the prophets command.

Solomon ibn Gabirol, an 11th century Jewish philosopher. Alas he assimilated to the Greek schools of philosophy. Despite this great demerit, his work תקון מדות הנפש, merits study. His work Fons Vitai/Fount of life: argues that all the attributes predicated of God exist apart in thought alone and not in reality.

Mussar does not define the halachic action, but rather it seeks to understand the intent of why. Observing halacha focuses upon the external action which a person dedicates his soul to keep. For example, saying kre'a shm'a in its proper time. Halacha does not delve into the meaning of why. Mussar, its the study which seeks to grasp meaning of why. P'shat, based upon Rashi's commentary to the Chumash, equally applies to the study of Talmud. P'shat, by this definition, unifies halacha together with mussar, based upon the premise that Rav Ashi combined halacha together with aggaditah.

Menachem Mendel Lefin, an early leader of the Haskalah movement, favored a Jewish education which also included studies in science, mathematics, and medieval philosophy. He viewed the kabbalah of the Zohar and Ari as "nonsense". Naturally Hasidic circles view him with hostility. His book חשבון הנפש, published in 1809, clearly influenced by the common sense writings of Benjamin Franklin explored ethics as a necessary part of education.

According to Rabbi Lipkin, adhering to the ritual aspects of Judaism without developing one's relationships with others and oneself was an unpardonable travesty. Sigmund Freud clearly influenced Rabbi Lipkin. The concept of the Rational mind vs the emotional mind has a profound impact upon this current work. Conscious vs. None Conscious thought, caused me to study meditation. Based upon the premise that the brain stem functions as the maestro conductor which communicates to the major organs of the body, the endocrine/exocrine: hormones/enzymes systems by means of the reflex arc. As Mendel Lefin viewed Kabbalah of the middle ages with contempt so too I view the modern psychiatrist drug pusher industry.

The Japanese art of healing known as Jin Shin Jyutsu is delves into meditation where one strives to remember during meditation one of the five destructive emotions: fear, anger, grief, shame or worry. The trauma of the g'lut horrors, our people must not suppress. This meditation wisdom focuses upon the electrical 'beats' which a person can feel and consciously attach to a specific emotion. Eastern medicine holds that the internal organs produce human emotions. My learning speculates that the brain stem takes simple emotions and makes complex emotions. This meditation technique employs the rational ability to remember a specific feeling felt in ones' past, combined with directing the brain stem to manipulate the emotions which the body produces. Acceptance of mussar requires maturing ones' emotional development.

For example, its totally absurd not to think that the Jewish people have not suffered traumas from the Shoah. But this anger, its not limited only against Europeans. Children today have no immediate awareness of the Shoah. By employing the Shoah as an external historical memory, this permits Jews to address other more immediate anger immaturity issues. If a person can employ an objective external memory, perhaps he can make the synaptic jump and define memories wherein he can recall feeling other similar destructive feelings. Learning to grow up to become a mensch - that's the bottom line to keeping the Torah. This learning has attempted to address anger issues, however the study of historical events can serve as a medium by which a person can search out other basic emotional feelings which require "aging". ירמיה יח:יב - ואמרו נואש כי אחרי מחשבותינו נלך ואיש שררות לבו הרע נעשה Today Jews rule our homelands. Stateless refugees can suffer and groan under foreign oppression. But as slaves, they have no rulership responsibilities. Israel stands upon the oppression of Par'o and Egypt. Do we rule our lands with just righteousness? Or do our leaders judges and bureaucrats pursue bribes to pervert justice. Its upon our people alone to give mussar to our leaders. Israel rejects in totality that foreign states have any mandate what so ever wherein Goyim dictate how Israelis manage the internal affairs of our country; we distinguish between temporary Noahide Ger residents from hostile Arab stateless refugee 'strangers'. The Jewish state does not recognize any nation, much less a symposium of nations, many which do not have diplomatic relations with the Jewish state, their pretense that they have a right to determine the internal affairs of the Jewish State. Neither the avodah zarah Gods whom the Goyim worship, much less and how much more so the alien Goyim who share no alliance with Israel, these foreign nations have absolutely no say nor influence within the borders of Israel. שמע ישראל ה' אלהינו ה' אחד The land of Israel, We the Jewish People have dedicated our soul: only the God of Israel rules and lives in this land - within the hearts and souls of His bris People. These foreign alien Goyim who have despised and ridiculed the Torah and Jews, they have no merit of respect. Two thousand years wherein they slandered Jews as accursed wandering exiles, now with the restoration of the Jewish State, their achievements of oppression, slander, lies, character assassination, and evil eye means that Jews reject their interventionism with brutal rebukes.

The middah of ערך פנים, do we accept the mussar of the Torah to listen and obey our prophets; to plant their mussar into our hearts and souls dependent upon HaShem to bless this mussar seed so that it sprouts and produces a menschen character development within the leaders of our people. Only the folk who accept the Torah at Sinai have permission to instruct mussar unto Israel. Israel swears upon the life of our Souls to uproot avodah zarah from this land; to expel all alien stranger refugee populations who worship Allah or other Gods.

The middah of פשע, how long shall our people remain perplexed? May the blessings which my lips pronounce pierce the consciousness of Israel, that Jews discern between tohor avodat HaShem from tumah avoadah zarah. The Creator of the Universe revealed his Torah, which we accepted at Sinai. Tumah avodah zarah theology and belief in new Gods, this mass acceptance of mythology has the power to breath tumah spirits into these Gods of witchcraft and voodoo. May the mussar of יהושע cause the hearts of our people to dedicate our souls. יהושע א:י - ויצו יהושע את שטרי העם לאמר עברו בקרב המחנה וצוו את העם לאמר ... הכינו לכם צדה כי בעוד שלשת ימים אתם עברים את הירדן הזה לבוא לרשת את הארץ אשר ה' אלהיכם נתו לכם לרשתה.

הלכות ציצי פרק ג:יב

יב. לעולם יהא אדם זהיר במצות ציצית, שהרי הכתוב שקלה ותלה בה כל המצוות כולן, שנאמר "וראיתם אותו וזכרתם את כל מצוות ה', ועשיתם אותם" [במדבר טו:לט].
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